My child knows all of their letters, what's next? Sounds!!!

Did you know letters makes sounds? Of course you do!  After my son knew all his letters it was time to learn the sounds.  At Age 1 he knew all of the letters and sounds!!! Here is what we did.

1.  Read, Read, Read and focus on sounding out a few words.

When reading my son's favorite books, I would pick certain words and sound it out.  If I did every word, I wouldn't be able to create this post for you all! LOL. I focused on words he loved, like all animals and words that end in "at".  So for example words like cat, bat, mat, hat.  This way he would start thinking of about the sounds letter make and blending them together. This is just the beginning.  I am not expecting him to read, I am just planting the seed in his brain.

2.  Point to words when reading to your child

Major key.  I read how important this is because they need to know this word makes a sound.  How will they know?  You have to point to the word while reading.  Soon, they will understand that this word makes a sound.  True story:  Once day my husband was reading to our son and not looking at the book.  My son, tapped him the tapped the page in the book with his finger.  LOL!!! So be aware parents, soon they will figure out words make sounds and they expect your undivided attention. 

3.  LeapFrog: Talking Words Factory

Once your child know their letters, give this educational dvd a try.   It's a fun way to learn word building, rhyming, vocabulary and more! 

4.  Letters and Sounds free printable

I created a free printable where you and your child can work on matching the letter with the beginning sound of the picture object.  Click below and print.  You can also laminate the printable.  Enjoy!

Letter and Sound Printable 1

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