My Prince 1st's a party, it's a party, it's a party! (Pics Inside)

I honestly had a blast at my son's 1st birthday.  It was a lot of work, but hopefully I can make it much easier for you mamas out there. :)  I am so happy with the way the sweets table came out.  I must say, I am proud of myself. My vision came alive.  I was keen about the setup down to the flowers. LOL.  Sometimes, I laugh at myself.  Who am I?  Where did this new Bolaji come from?  I guess when you enter a new phase, hidden talents are revealed. :) As you probably noticed, the theme was Prince/royalty.  Since Amir doesn't watch television right now, I didn't want to choose a cartoon character theme he knows nothing about.  His name means prince, so we naturally chose it as a theme.  I wanted every child to feel like royalty.  We had crowns for every child and favors which included an inspirational quote, an origami heart/ring made from a crisp dollar bill, bubbles, and my favorite gluten free bomb gummy bears!!!

 Below, I listed all the links to every item used for his party and tips when throwing your baby's 1st bday party.  Feel free to comment or send me questions if you need help with anything.  I can also brainstorm with you and come up with a theme that fits your baby.  xoxo B

Tip 1: Set the bday party around your baby's nap time.  As you can see in the photos above, Amir was asleep while we were setting up.  He woke up just in time to party.  

Tip 2: Make sure you have good food.  It doesn't need to be pricey, just good!  We catered Indian food from one of our fav spots. It was reasonable and everybody loved it!  We covered the meat and veggie lovers! We kept it simple and ordered cheese pizza for the kids.  For drinks, we had organic juice made by Honest, homemade punch, and water.  

Tip 3: Good games are a must.  We played musical chairs and hungry hippo.  It was perfect.  Parties should be about parents interacting with their kids. We planned for three games, but only made it through two.  

Tip 4: Enjoy yourself.  Remember, it is a 1 yr old birthday party.  Talk to your guest, take silly selfies.  Everything will not go as planned and that is ok! 


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