Musuem of Ice Cream-LA

Heyyyy Yall!  I know it has been a minute.  Forgive me!  I just had to create a post about the Museum of Ice Cream.  One word to describe my  I, like many others tried to get tickets and it was sold out.  Luckily, one of my friends was able to get us tickets.  Grateful.  Amir had a great time.  The museum was filled with so much colors and textures.  It was definitely a great lesson on sensory.  Check out my tips and pics below. xoxo

Tip 1: Subscribe and tell them you want them to come out to your city

Tip 2: Buy your tickets immediately...they sell out fast...Yeezy fast!

Tip 3: Wear neutral colored and comfy clothes to stand out in your pictures

Tip 4: Wait towards the end of the Sprinkle Pool session to take your pics.  I believe each group is given 2 minutes in the pool and 30 sec warning when your time is almost up.  As folks are stepping out the pool, be ready to get your pics in.  :)

Tip 5:  If you don't mind sprinkles all in your undergarment, then dive in.  If you do, wear something loose to avoid this.  To be honest, you will still find sprinkles in hidden place.  It is easier to remove while wearing looser clothing.  

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