Smoothie is Bae (Green recipe inside)


Smoothies are bae around here! What about at your home?  If not, no worries! You can get started today! I use a Nutribullet to blend my fruits and veggies and I love it.  Below, are the ingredients I use, but honestly, you can customize it for your home. 

  Amir started when he was on solids, so maybe around 8-9 months.  I would pour it in a pouch as seen in the pic and stock them in the fridge for 1-2 days max.  The important/main ingredient should be greens. Ex. Spinach, avocado, kale.  You are feeding your baby's brain, so feed it well.  Join me and let's do this!

1-2 cup of Kale

1/2 banana

!/2 vanilla nutmilk or flaxmilk

3-4 strawberries depending on the size

a small handful of blueberries

2 tbsp of organic flaxseed (It is rich in omega 3s and studies have shown that it helps boost immunity, reduce fatigue, and help with the maintenance of normal muscle and bone development. ) . This is important when they start attending school to help retain all the knowledge being taught.  Amir is on a no sugar diet, so these smoothies are probably like ice cream!  If you want to add sweetness on a hot summer day, add dates to your smoothies as a treat! Enjoy. 

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