Editorial Maternity Shoot...can't wait to meet baby girl! (pics inside)

So let me start off by saying, I had so much fun shooting with my photographer James McCloud!  I mean, it was all fun and games until the sun went away and I was cold.  LOL!  But don't trip, your girl was a professional and we made it through the shoot.  Amir only cracked a few smiles, he was over it.  He made through 1/3 looks.  S/O to my husband for bringing it.  I didn't know it was a competition.  :) All in all, I am super pleased in how the photos came out.  Check out more pics below!  Thanks for all the love.  



This has to be my fav pic. Don't ask me what my husband is looking at?  Don't you do it!!! :)


My love!

Rocking ankara of course.  This dress was super comfortable and I felt super sexy in it.  Mama got to shine to! LOL!


I styled myself in my husband's Hugo Boss suit and wore a La Perla bodysuit underneath.  This is probably my fav look.  I felt super confident.  To be honest with you, my first few months as a stay at home mom was a little struggle.  I mean, I have been working since I was 16.  Putting this suit on reminded me of those corporate days.  Through time I am able to now see how God has shifted my life around and brought clarity to my purpose.  Does that my goals stop and I just focus on my child and husband...hell to the no.  It just means now I have to make time for them, myself, and most importantly God.  It is not easy, but I am highly favored and God doesn't give us what we can not handle.  


at this point, I am super tired and cold...shout out to real models out here making this ish look effortless...smh!!!

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