Baby Shoe of the Day: Toddler Old Skool Vans

Here are the reasons why I am so in love with this shoe: 

1. It is fashionable and will never go out of style.  

2.  It goes with everything.  Black and white can be worn with color.  The color block effect it gives off is super dope.  Your baby will be the flyest baby without trying so hard. :)

3.  It works for babies with wide and narrow feet.  #functionable 

4.  You can actually go 1/2 to 1 size up and it doesn't look crazy on their feet.  The velcrow straps provided Amir with good support and he is able to walk in them.  

5.  Price point is around $38 bucks.  I think it is not bad, especially if you go 1/2 size up.  This will give your baby a longer period to rock them.  Let me know what yall think.  Check out Amir rocking them below.  I paired it up with a denim jacket from Gap.  I love denim jackets on babies.  It gives that extra ummf when it comes to styling.  Let me know your thoughts!  xx B