Dang....your place smells good!

Several weeks ago, I popped into Anthropology with my gf Ema, and let me tell you...I love it!!! I haven't been in this store for years and it is amazing.    I couldn't get enough of the decor and the accessories.  Their blouses are dope too.  Honestly, as soon as you walk in, you will get inspired.  I already started envisioning how I will decorate our first house. The best discovery are the candles.  My gf put me on to the Capri Blue Iridescent Volcano Candle. I love it!!! I asked my husband to pick up one for me and he loved it so much and got two.  When I say, this scent is everything, trust me.  It gives off a fresh clean scent and it literally follows you.  LOL!  Now that I put you on game, I better not ever catch your place smelling like wet diapers.  We all know when kids start becoming active, it is challenging to keep your place tidy, but if it starts smelling...that is all YOU! Don't blame those kids!  LOL! 

So stop by Anthropology and pick you up this jar of deliciousness. Comment below and let me know what you think.  xoxo B