Moroccan Chicken Recipe- DELICIOUS!!!! 

A while ago, my husband brought this book home, and I was skeptical about. I just hate the idea of cookbooks.  I like to just create food on the fly.  I think growing up with Nigerian parents contributes to why I don't favor cookbooks.  My mom is a chef and I swear this lady doesn't measure.  It's all in her head.  I like to think she passed me down the same skill, but It skipped me and went to my sister.  LOL!

 Ok, back to this bomb book.  To be honest, I didn't attempt to cook the other dishes because I am stuck on Moroccan Chicken Recipe.  It is soooooo good!  You must make this for someone special or at least someone who thinks you can't cook.  Their mind will change in seconds after tasting this.  The great think about this recipe is that it easy. You place all the ingredients in the blender, blend, and pour it all over that chicken.  I usually marinate it in the fridge for about 1 hour.  If you want it to stick, marinate it for 3-6 hours.   Like most recipes, don't be afraid to remix it.  We remix this recipe so much and it always comes out bomb.  I took a pic of this recipe and pasted it.  If I am making some for Amir, I don't add any salt to the chicken while seasoning.  I just season with spices.  He loves it!  Always check with your doctor before serving your baby solids.  I also only cook this recipe with organic chicken.  The chicken is savory and succulent.  It has just the right amount of seasoning.  Give it a try and please let me know your thoughts. Oh, the cilantro has to blended with the other ingredients. One time I forgot to blend it...chicken still was bomb, but I prefer the cilantro blended as the recipe states.

 Dinner is served!


Click the link below to purchase the book.  

Food and Cooking of Africa and Middle East: A Fascinating Journey Through These Rich and Diverse Cuisines: The Culinary History; Ingredients; the Techniques and Over 150 Authentic Dishes

Book by Jenni Fleetwood and Josephine Bacon