Hold up, they don't love you like I love you!


So, let me start by saying, you know it's the right dress when you turn it into a photo shoot!  Lol!!! Yassss!  Man, If I had the proper equipment, I would have made a music video. :)    I honestly found this dress last minute.  I am the type of person who dresses based on mood and color. Weird, right?  Shout out to all the people who are like me.  We are special. LOL.

 My dress is from ASOS darlings. It was $136 and it sold out in minutes. Why???? I need my followers to have this dress in their closet with me...ughhh!  The designer is from UK called True Decadence.  This dress is EVERYTHING.  The color popped just right of my melanin.

My favorite part is the crotchet underneath the bust.  Yes, Lord.  I felt so pretty and comfortable.  If you need any last-minute dresses, I can def help you out.  I have so many boutique and online stores I shop.  I will be sure to share on my blog.  I just don't have the time to go into malls to shop like I did prior to Amir. To be honest, I am over it.  My colors went perfect with my Prince's mint blue linen suit from H&M.

Tip 1: when shopping online at a well known store: If you love it, buy it.  I was lucky.  As in, my size was sold out and then it magically appeared as available.  True Story.  My gf Crystal can testify. LOL!!! Don't have it chilling in the cart, buy it honey.  

Tip 2:  Don't wait last minute, when you know your event is around the corner. SMH! 

TIP 3: If it is sold out, google the designer to see if the dress is listed/selling on another site...don't give up.

Let me know what you think?  Where are some of your fav places to shop?  Share with your girl!  Enjoy listening to Beyonce's song, "Hold up''

xx B