'Baby Capitalism Suckling Mother Africa' - R.L. Houser's

I came across this powerful thought provoking painting, 'Baby Capitalism Suckling Mother Africa' by R.L Houser's.  This first thing that grabbed my attention was the obvious, a black woman nursing, what appears to be a white baby.  The second thing, her eyes.  It easy to get distracted by the nursing, but I think the message is in her eyes.  I've seen these eyes before. Like most immigrant mothers, my mom worked 2 jobs, studied in America, while raising her kids, being a wife, and a daughter who was financially responsible for her family back home.  I've been raised by these eyes. 

Now, let me reveal an important detail.  The woman pictured was inspired by a real-life slave. When I consider her eyes, I see agony, pain, silence.  I see someone dying, giving someone life.  I see a little bit of light, but too weak to walk into that light.  I see tears that don't fall. 

When I look at this painting, it makes me feel guilty.  At times, I feel like as a mother, I can get so caught up in my own life.  Guilty in the sense that, I don't recognize or show appreciation to my ancestors and what they endured.  Guilty in the sense, using the excuse of being a mommy in preventing me in checking on my family and friends.  I am not sitting her trying to convince you that whatever difficulties you may be facing isn't valid.  I just think we should take time to appreciate where we are in life and praise those who suffered to get us here.  Be grateful. Give back.