Jada Pinkett- Take care of you first. (video)

Shout out to my friend Z for sending this to me.  It came at the perfect time.  How many of you’ll can relate to this video?  I got so much out of it.  We need to take care of ourselves. Understand what your purpose is in life.  Believe it or not, you are more than just a mother or wife.  Learn to be ok when everything is not done and things are still left on your checklist as unmarked.  Take time out for yourself. One thing that has helped me out is being around sisters/friends who kept me accountable.  Who inquired about my dreams and goals?  Not only did they inquire, but they followed up. Maybe God has placed you in someone's life to be that sister to check up on and guide. 

Secondly, praying for my family and reading bible scriptures helps me tremendously. What does God want me and my family?  Is God happy with how I am as a mother and wife? What are my areas of weakness that needs to be strengthen? I am constantly trying to figure out my balance. It brings me peace of mind knowing that I am raising my son at my best state.  

Thirdly, stop with the guilt trip. You deserve time for yourself. You can't give your best if you're not at your best.  If the father of your child is not present or you don't have support, build it.  Join a Gymboree class or meet up with other moms. (after a thorough background check :)) We unknowingly can transfer bad energy to our babies when we are disconnected with God and don't make time for ourselves.  I hope this post gives my readers a wakeup call. Don't panic.  Just breathe...you go this.  Feel free to send me some encouragement in return. xx

Bolaji Idakoji