Diaper Bag Essentials when travelling

Amir (my son) is my travelling buddy.  It sucks that he can't gain points as often as we travel. Throughout our journey, I have figured out exactly what to pack and what not to pack.  Check out my list for both Diaper Bag Packing.  


The bag above is similar to the diaper bag I am working with.  Yes, it is not the best, but it works for me. I am taking on the task to create a post with super chic and functional diaper bags.  For now check out what you need in your diaper bag.

1. Diapers/Wipes..lol.  If you are travelling for 3-5 hours, 7 diapers will work.  I usually change Amir prior to departing and maybe twice on the plane.  He is usually asleep throughout the flight, so it really depends on the baby. I also do a change when we land at the airport. If your baby is known for blowouts, please bring more. A good estimate that works for me is 2 diapers per hour. 1 pack of wipes.  If you have half a pack, that works too!  I prefer it.  The less bulkier.

2. Baby Food/Bottles/Utensils- We are in the solids 3 phase.  So for a 3-5 hour flight, I pack 3 separate containers of 3 ounces of food. I make all his food, so storage is very key. I have a durable thin black lunch bag and an ice pack to keep his food cool. I also pack snacks I keep in a Ziploc bag. For those of you still nursing or using formula, you can do the same.  I suggest 3 four ounce bottles.  if you're feeding every 2 hours, this should be more than enough. Don't forget your utensils if your baby is eating solids. One always drops on the floor, so pack 2. Make sure all your utensils are BPA free.

3. Extra Outfit, 2 washcloth, 2 small trash bags- By now you've heard of the term blowout and if you haven't...it is real!  This is when the digestive and excretory system is not quite developed...poop everywhere.   Ha! It usually happens between 0-6 months.  This requires a whole new outfit and some good cleaning. Wipes will come in handy, but I prefer a washcloth with soapy water for cleaning.  I also prefer 1 jumpsuit, 2 onsies and 1 pants in my diaper bag.  When this happened to us, we dumped his Blowout Fit...lol in a sealed bag.  We cleaned him and  placed him in a onesie  and a jumpsuit to keep him comfortable, especially on chilly plane rides. If we had another blowout situation, which is rare, we had 1 onsie and a pair of pants left.  

4. Diaper Rash Ointment- We use Aquaphor and I love it.  

5. Thermometer- I pray you don't need to use it. 

6.  Snack for myself...usually a Snicker Bar if I am keeping it 100!

7.  Book- I love reading to Amir on the plane.  I also sing and dance with him down the aisle.  1 book is sufficient. 

8. Burping Cloth (2) 

9. Nursing Cover (optional if you're using a bottle)

10. 1 blancket- I use the blanket as a nursing cover to free up space in my bag

11. Hand Sanitizer- No jumbo size, please!!! Find you one that can be attached to the chain of the bag or travel size.

12.  Teether/toy/pacifier