Travelling with your got this

If you're not about traveling with your baby, stay away from this post! If you are, but you're feeling a little uneasy, I got you. My baby and I practically started travelling when he was roughly 2 months old.  Yep, I said it.  His pediatrician was fine with it and prior to us travelling he received his first of many shots, which made us comfortable. I remember being very nervous travelling alone with him.  But like in any uneasy situation, I put my big girl pants on, silk pants, if you were wondering and coached myself in the mirror.  I packed practically everything. SMH.  Overtime, I figured out what was a necessity. Here is my checklist of what you need to do when travelling with your baby.  

  1. Book your airfare based around your baby's sleep schedule - A red eye worked perfectly for us.  Amir was always asleep.  I learned from other mothers that being silent while your baby is sleeping is a no-no.  I still have errands to do around the house, which require a little bit of noise.  He quickly adapted to sleeping with noise, which made travelling a piece of cake. 
  2. Make sure you add the option "lap child" while booking your ticket- Most airfares allow a child under the age 2 to travel for free, if the child is flying on your lap...hence lap child. :) It is very rare to not see this option while booking your ticket.  If you don't see this option but, you see a great fare, book the ticket and call the airline to add your baby.  
  3. Curbside Check-in is your friend- Who ever thought of this, God bless you!  This makes a huge difference.  Most airlines allow you to check in the baby's stroller and car seat for FREE!  While flying around with a baby, you want to make sure you are traveling light as possible.  Don't be that momma struggling through TSA.  You need to look and feel confident.  Check all your bags.  The only bag you need is your diaper bag.  Don't worry, I will create a post on dope diaper bags soon.  So, say bye-bye to your personal bag, unless it can function as a diaper bag.  Remember, light traveling is major key.
  4. Arrive Early-  I was a little hesitant in putting this on my checklist because I hate arriving super early to anywhere.  I literally am the girl who will arrive 15 mins before boarding.  Now, that I have Amir, I like to arrive at least 45 mins early.  This will give you time to for a diaper change prior to boarding the flight and gives you some time to use the restroom if needed...tricky, but can be done.
  5. Baby's birth certificate- Some airlines require identification documentation for your baby, while others don't.  Scary right.  I have been on countless of fares that don't require it.  I always have it handy in my carry on to avoid any surprises.  
  6. Invest in a baby carrier- You need to be hands free as much as possible. Please get you a great baby carrier.  We got ours on Amazon and we went with Lille Baby. There are so many to choose from.  Just pay attention to the reviews.  
  7. Baby's Food-  Amir and I are usually on the plane for 4 hours.  I know, long journey.  So, feeding is a must!  In the beginning, I would bring a bottle of formula mainly because we added his vitamin in it. (Baby's Only Organic from Whole Foods).  Then I transitioned to pumping milk prior to leaving to the airport and brought frozen milk. Yes, you can bring milk through TSA.  Just let them know you have milk for your baby.  After a couple of flights, get ready for it...I unapologetically brought out the boob.  I had the proper cover and to be honest, you will soon grab anything in sight to cover your baby, oh, and your boob. LOL. Remember, you are confident.  You have a baby, everyone around you will get that and for those that don't...Bye! Please keep that food nearby.  As soon as the baby wakes up and is hungry, you need to be able to grab that bottle with the quickness. Oh, and don't forget to stash a Snicker bar or snack for yourself.  Thank me later. 
  8. Dress Comfortable- Easy access is a must if you're nursing.  Wear something chic but comfortable.  Remember for some babies, you have only a few seconds before the baby starts crying for food.  I need you to be the Olympian of having the food prepared and ready to go.  I will create a post of what to wear to the airport.  Also, dress the baby comfortable.  A jumpsuit worked perfect for me with a onsie underneath.  It was easy to change his diaper pulling down one zipper.  I also brought 1 blanket and my nursing cover.  If one dropped on the floor, I would use the other.
  9. Seats- I found window seats are best for nursing/feeding. If for some reason you have a middle or aisle seat, go to your gate and check if they can place you in a window seat or even better, an empty row.  I do this ALL the time.  You will not get charged and therefore it is good to arrive early at the airport.  Could you imagine a whole row to yourself? You and your baby are lit for the next few hours. LOL.    
  10.  Read, Sing, Dance- Yes, you can still do all these activities on the plane.  Don't be shy.  Remember, you got this.  I always bring 1 book on the plane with me.  I sing and make up songs along the way.  I have a wild imagination, so tap into your creativity.  The baby doesn't know if you mess up.  I will create a post on what to pack in your luggage and diaper bag.  I hope after reading this, you're confident and ready to book your trip and If I didn't say it enough...YOU GOT THIS! XX